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You have security needs and financial parameters. ABM Security Services will meet your security objectives by understanding your corporate culture and providing market-specific commercial security services. You can focus on your business, free from security concerns. We also help you keep your family and belongings safe with comprehensive residential security services.

At ABM Security Services, we recognize that every market and institution has its own security needs, so we customize our services to meet your unique security objectives by understanding your corporate culture.  We have the size and experience to serve and security need.  ABM Security Services:

  • Is Safety Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security
  • Is one of the largest American-owned security companies in the country
  • With 61 branch offices nationwide, ABM has the capability to service the entire nation. 

Whatever your environment may be, ABM designs and deploys custom security services that fulfill all your requirements.

Custom Security Services

ABM offers a broad range of custom, residential, and commercial security services across a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Uniformed, unarmed and plainclothes security services
  • Background checks and investigative services
  • Concierge and receptionist services
  • Patrol and alarm response
  • Security consulting, system design, security surveys
  • Security trained  support personnel
  • Special events coverage and crowd control
  • Ushers and ticket takers
  • Workplace violence solutions
  • Access control 

Our People

You'll find distinct advantages to choosing ABM.  Foremost in our philosophy of providing you with unique and effective custom and commercial security services are selection, security training and certification of a superior guard force.  Our policy of professional certification ensures that clients receive security professionals who are trained to meet the needs of specific industries.  In addition to ABM's stringent selection process, retention is vital to our 'people strategy'.  Retaining quality employees results from:

  • Employee recognition
  • Exceptional workplace conditions and culture
  • Advancement opportunities

What Sets ABM Security Services Apart

We owe much of our client satisfaction to the dedication and longevity of our team.  Our employees remain committed to our service philosophy and are enthusiastic about change.  Essential factors that have made us a security industry leader and a valuable partner to our clients include:

  • Continuing the development of our highly qualified management team.  Training programs keep ABM officers and managers at the forefront of the commercial  and residential security services industry.
  • Process, best practice, and operating plan development for custom security services that are client focused and cost effective.
  • Our ability to integrate our capabilities with those of other ABM companies to create a holistic approach to your facility.  We can address a client's complete facility needs through ABM's subsidiaries, conveniently integrated with a single contract and point of contact.
  • ABM Security services has the capability to service the entire nation, so we can easily accommodate clients with properties across the country that require comprehensive corporate security solutions.
  • Our commitment to serving the security needs of our local business community.  Every branch office is an active. vibrant part of the local community, yet is supported by ABM's national resources.
  • The ABM transition process.  There is a distinct difference in the way we seamlessly transition into new client sites.  We spend more time, so you have fewer problems.

Our security managers are skilled in operation procedures and software systems in addition to their military, law enforement or other security experience.  Learn how technological advancements help our clients' custom and commercial security services needs.

For comprehensive custom security services, contact ABM today.

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