Technology for Better Security

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A key to the success of security operations is a powerful portfolio of technology solutions. ABM Security Services has formed exclusive partnerships with technology companies to give us the tools to present a complete offering of leading-edge innovation to our clients.

Quality Management System: QMS 24-7

Round-the-clock technology helps us successfully manage your security communications.
When ABM manages your security program with QMS 24-7, you receive complete visibility to reports, scheduling and data collection.

QMS 24-7 is ABM Security Service’s interactive web-based data collection and reporting management system. This comprehensive tool allows us to manage our services more efficiently while providing you with real-time orderly reports and meaningful charts on demand. Along with daily personal interaction, ABM supervisors and their security staff communicate and update reports via hand-held devices on one common platform, the secure QMS 24-7 website. The reporting dashboard allows monitoring of all services in one building, multiple buildings, or across an entire portfolio.

Paper forms and manual systems are at a high risk for problems.
Revising and distributing forms can be a challenge and making sure that employees are using the correct forms is time consuming. QMS 24-7 eliminates these problems.

With ABM’s QMS 24-7, the solution is quick and easy.
ABM sets up the system and trains your users. Log in anytime to view data and reports or interact with ABM personnel. Automated communication with security staff results in reduced response time and enhanced client satisfaction.

Cut costs and improve efficiency.
This dynamic web-based application is an easily usable communication platform accessible to as many workers as necessary, at all hours of the day and night. 

  • ABM security staff and management organize users into multiple groups, assign roles, and control access to forms
  • Managers can create, revise, and publish forms as needed.
  • Managers can assign one-time and recurring data collection tasks, notifying users, and sending deadline reminders.
  • ABM security staff can collect and submit data directly to the database dashboard.
  • Managers can view the collected data and sort it into charts and graphs, or output raw data.
  • Users for each client communicate and share the same information through one secure customized website.

QMS 24-7 is easy to use.  Non-technical managers can create, publish, revise and use forms without relying on technical specialists.  The advantages are profound. 

  • Labor associated with the handling of paper-based data collection is significantly decreased.
  • The delay between the collection of data and the availability of reports is decreased from days or weeks to minutes.
  • Our personnel is able to focus locally on service delivery.

Security Status At-A-Glance

From the feet-on-the street to your desktop in hours, NOT days:

No one has the time to wade through stacks of paper reports to find the information they want. When things are going well, you may want a high-level snapshot. When incidents occur, you want the ability to drill down to details and you want it now, not days later.

Our At-A-Glance Security System quickly and easily brings volumes of security detail from the field to your computer’s desktop. Using handheld PDAs, our personnel capture security activities and incidents, then synch them to our secure web portal. With password protected access, you can view online the level of detail you want, when you want it, such as:

  • A quick snapshot of everything on the dashboard.
  • Summarized data rolled up to view trends over time and locations.
  • A drill down into any and all details of a specific incident.

How you will benefit from At-A-Glance Security Systems:

  • Be informed of security status and incidents and be prepared to respond to stakeholders.
  • Have web-based access to security status and operational data 24/7.
  • Produce the data you want with confidence, using the easy and efficient reporting tool.
  • Easily search centrally archived digital records whenever needed.

What you’ll get with At-A-Glance Security Systems:

  • Daily Activity Reporting - available via handheld device or computer.
  • Incident Reporting - available via the handheld or computer, including images, with immediate notifications.
  • Check In/Out logs - view details of visitor and contractor logs that include check in/out times, current status, delivery location, authorizing party and much more.
  • Key Check In/Out - tracks building keys by scanning the key’s metal barcode. Automatically notifies supervision when check-ins are delayed or incomplete.
  • Reports – Out-of-the-box detailed reports, including chart/graph functionality. 

Security Hardware Systems & Monitoring

When hardware & officers work together, you win:

Providing a complete security solution would seem logical, but hardware providers are often at odds with their guard counterparts. More investment in one may come at the expense of the other. Our answer is a combined hardware-officer approach that raises security while lowering overall costs.

Benefits of ABM Systems & Monitoring:

  • Unparalleled expertise in systems design and installation.
  • Complete confidence in after-hours monitoring and response.
  • Unique approach to lowering total security costs while maintaining appropriate protection levels.

What you’ll get:

  • CCTV Monitoring: event viewing of live video and regularly scheduled viewing.
  • Access Control Systems: stand alone and integrated access control solutions.
  • Managed Card Access: self-managed system via web browser.
  • Fire Systems: installation, design, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Intrusion Systems: platform combining hardwired or addressable and wireless detection in one seamlessly integrated system.
  • Central Monitoring Services: intrusion, fire, CCTV and access control hosting services.
  • Triple redundancy for all monitoring: two dedicated monitoring centers and one dedicated disaster recovery facility.

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