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Training + Technology = The Best Parking Experience

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Your day-to-day operations must run smoothly. That’s why ABM Parking Services (formerly Ampco System Parking) uses training and technology behind the scenes to ensure maximum parking revenue for you and the best parking experience for everyone using your facility.  

Safety & Training 

By investing in our employees’ potential, we develop top-notch people whom we can stand behind. In addition, ABM Parking Services is committed to operating our facilities safely, using the latest technology and training techniques. We regularly review our safety program to keep up with urgent safety trends. ABM Parking Services also has a variety of classroom training programs that aid in prevention. 


We operate more than 400 shuttles, 24 hours a day. Therefore, we require all employees who are authorized drivers to complete and pass a four-hour “interactive” driver training program and competency review before receiving on-the-job training. ABM, our parent company, monitors the driving record for every authorized driver at ABM Parking Services. From the valet attendant to the executive office, all Department of Motor Vehicle records are checked every six months to ensure that employees maintain a driving record that meets ABM standards.  

All our shuttle busses feature Smart Drive, a camera recording system that captures and records information in the event of sudden movements or an accident. The information retained on the device allows us to report the actual sequence of events, just prior to and after an accident. However, more importantly, it provides us with the tools to train our staff on safe and effective driving techniques. 

Safety training is not the only focus at ABM Parking Services. Classes are also offered in other important areas such as customer service, computers and standard operating procedures. Ongoing training in critical areas continues to benefit both employee and customer.  


 ABM Parking Services has implemented many state-of-the-art computer programs to simplify the parking business and to safeguard client revenue. Through international security best practices, strict internal systems, and strict regulatory compliance—including Sarbanes-Oxley and Payment Card Industry (PCI)—we’re a leader in providing technologically advanced service. 

Strong technology platforms increase employee productivity and enhance client communication. Whether it’s a new system to improve revenue control, enhance efficiency or fine tune auditing, ABM Parking Services offers you the experience and technology to make it happen. 

The following technology tools can be implemented at ABM Parking Services facilities: 

  • SCORE4 Accounting System
  • AuditMatic PDA Management Tool
  • Business Intelligence System
  • ABM 4WD Client Website Management Portal
  • EPay Automated Payroll System
  • Automated Monthly Parker Payment System
  • Online Payment Capability
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • Smart Drive System
  • Instant Estimator System


ABM Parking Services places a high priority on providing our clients with quality service. We are not only knowledgeable in all aspects of parking, but we subject ourselves to the scrutiny of customer service and revenue audits conducted by third party auditors. These audits provide us with a score card of improvements that need to be implemented. 

We use in-house auditors to conduct facility Quality Assurance Inspections. These inspections measure quality in several areas, including:

  • Office/booth appearance
  • Equipment
  • Structure/surface lot conditions
  • Signage/graphics
  • Personnel knowledge & courtesy

Consistently measuring our service levels helps you and ABM Parking Services establish new benchmarks for improvement.

Quarterly, we present the Outstanding Location Award to ABM Parking Services facilities that excel in customer service and meet their financial goals. We’ve also received recognition from the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) by winning Building of the Year awards both locally and nationally.

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