Hospitality Security Solutions

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In today’s society, travelers are highly aware of the security risks and potential dangers of being away from home. It’s no surprise that hotel security ranks as one of the top concerns of travelers. When staying in your establishment, your clients should feel as secure and protected as they would in their own homes. Having ABM Security Services involved with the protection management of your operation will send the message to your staff and your guests that your hotel cares about their safety and well-being.

ABM has provided customized security solutions for hotels for decades. We stand out from other security providers, because we understand your business and the protection concerns that come with operating a quality hotel. Our expert security team members are trained to respond to any potential security threats that may arise.

Hotel Facility Security Services:

  • After-hours Patrol
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Event Security
  • Parking Security
  • After-Hours Escort Services
  • Emergency Response
  • CPR/AED Trained Officers
  • Information Service Centers

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