Security Consulting

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In today’s world, many factors pose potential threats to the security of your facility. Terrorism, forces of nature, and equipment failures can all put your facility, processes, and people at risk. ABM recognizes that safety and security, continuity and survivability of your infrastructure, and availability of facility utilities and services are critical requirements.

ABM has developed SecureFM™, the facility management (FM) industry’s only integrated FM and security offering, to safeguard your facility personnel, infrastructure, and overall operations.

We’ve leveraged proven FM expertise – gained from managing more than 300 million-square-feet of facility space – with leading facility security methodologies to provide mission critical solutions for the U.S. government, the nation’s critical infrastructure providers, and commercial organizations.

SecureFM™is a security services provider delivering leading risk based solutions for the protection of people, assets, critical infrastructure and strategic intent.  Our solutions include

  • Threat profiling,
  • Area threat maps,
  • Security assessments,
  • Red Team exercises,
  • Security master planning,
  • Information security management system development,
  • Live training exercises, classroom training and computer based learning. 

We have serviced clients in the aviation, rail, public transportation, oil and gas, defense, manufacturing, biotechnology and lodging industries across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Iraq and Ecuador.

SecureFM™ provides your facility with an unmatched, flexible solution for reducing business risks by ensuring the safety of personnel and the continuity and availability of critical infrastructure and resources. Let us work with you to protect your strategic intent while reducing liability costs, operations’ disruption costs, and insurance premium costs.